CSU Northridge SLPA online program

I finished this program in November of 2010.  It was a great program, the experience was invaluable, and after it, I realized I really wanted to be a school-based SLP!  I was also recently accepted into CSU East Bay’s Masters program for Speech-Langauge Pathology, and am very thankful for the CSU Northridge SLPA program, because I’m sure that it really helped my admission package.  I was offered a great job a few weeks ago as well, but that’s not to say, there was a bit of searching I had to do for a SLPA job.  They weren’t everywhere like I thought they would be.  You have to get a little creative.


13 thoughts on “CSU Northridge SLPA online program

  1. Hi, congrats on your acceptance to grad school! I’m currently a senior at csulb studying comm. disorders and am interested in the slpa program at northridge. How and where did you find a slpa job?

    • I found a job by searching posts online. I don’t remember specifically where I landed this opportunity, but I actively searched edjoin.org (the school district site), as well as did simple Google searches for “SLPA.” The job was in the Bay Area, at several locations, including Fremont and Oakland schools.

  2. Hi! Congratulations on finishing the CSUN SLPA program and grad school! I was curious, how & where did you obtain a clinical practicum site / SLP supervisor for the CSUN SLPA program?

    Thanks and congratulations again!

    • I found my clinical practicum site through Speech Pathology Group (SPG), here in the Bay Area. I would recommend calling around places that staff SLP’s in school districts, it maybe easier for them to take you on because the caseloads in the schools are high.

  3. I am seriously considering applying to CSU East Bay too! It’s closest to my parents in Sonoma County and I used to live in San Leandro. I am wondering was your job offer near CSUEB? How did you track down a SLPA job? I’d love any information you’d be willing to share. Sounds like you’re taking the path almost to a T I am hoping to take with CSUN SLPA program and then Masters at CSUEB.

    • Hi Christinia, I had to really search for a SLPA job, but found one through an educational organization that staffs SLPs and SLPAs at schools all over the Bay Area. It’s called Total Education Solutions. I used edjoin.org a lot too. The SLPA jobs come up sporadically and are sometimes hard to find, you just have to keep your eyes out. Our instructor at CSUN also assisted in setting the class up with jobs as well. When the SLPA jobs do come up, they are usually good positions, however, if you are planning on going to CSUEB, I’m sure you won’t want to work, unless you absolutely have to. The classes are a handful at CSUEB and I am hoping I get accepted into CSUN’s distance program instead so I can work on this M.S. degree part-time. That was my original plan, and why I did the SLPA program. I wanted to do CSUN’s SLP program after their SLPA program! I will find out in 3 weeks or so if I get to go there and work as a SLPA or, just stay at CSUEB and hang up my SLPA license for a bit.

    • I am applying to Cal State Northridge’s prerequisite program for Fall 2013. I have been out of college for 20 yrs, work long hours, and was a foreign language major. I am a bit nervous about the intensity of the classes since I was a non-scientist major as well as working full-time. I would certainly appreciate anyone who can offer feedback who did not have a science background and pursuing the SLP prerequisite courses. Thanks a billion!!!!

      • Just wondering how it is going NYCGirl212. Have been thinking of going back to school, (also after about the same number of years as you.) Would very much appreciate hearing about your experience so far. Cheers!

  4. Hi! I’m planning on applying to the CSUN SLPA for this coming Fall ’13. However, I’m having a difficult time finding a SLP who would be willing to be my supervisor. I’m from SF and would like to find a SLP in SF. Any suggestions on who or where to ask?

  5. Hello! I’m planning on applying for the CSUN SLPA program for this Fall of 2014. I live in the Walnut Creek area, but I can’t seem to find a supervisor. Do you have any suggestions or contacts I could try? I tried contacting Lisa with the Speech Pathology Group, but she indicated that they didn’t have any room. Is this the person you contacted at SPG? Thank you!

  6. Hi- I know this thread is old but I just had a few q’s. I am applying for the fall ’15 cohort for CSUN’s SLPA program. I graduated from SFSU’s CD program with my B.A. A number of years ago. By the end I was pretty distracted what with a wedding to plan, then I had my son in 2011. My grades did slack off a bit and my GPA slacked down to a 2.6 😁. However, I have amazing references, a solid site for supervision (with a subsequent job offer after I obtain my license) and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Any pointers would be great! Does anyone know how competitive it is?

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